Dental high speed handpiece

YAYIDA's dental high-speed handpieces are constructed of high-quality material. YAYIDA's handpiece are available in miniature, standard, and high torque head sizes to accommodate a variety of clinical requirements.

Best YAYIDA triple water spray ceramic bearing push button dental handpiece manufacturer Supplier
1. Anti-infection high-speed dental handpiece2. Wide operating field of view3. High cutting efficiency4. Anti-slip patten5. International Standard interface6.Head cap thread come with high temperature resistance o-ring,it's good for avoid the dirty,better extend of service life.
YAYIDA Ring Shadowless LED High Speed Dental Handpiece
*The parts can be disassembled for convenience *Shadowless dental handpiece anti skid design. *Dental burs would be easily changed with the push button and shadowless dental handpiece have 5 points spray,perfect cooling treatment.*The connectors for dental handpiece are available in 4-hole and 2-hole options
YAYIDA fiber optic LED push button dental handpiece with quick coupling dental handpiece manufacturer
1. Quattro cooling atomization, water and gas separation2. Hygienic head, anti-retraction system3. Using ceramic bearings, resistant to high-temperature disinfection at 134 degrees4. Frosting pattern, non-slip design
YAYIDA 45 degree push button LED surgical ceramic bearing dental handpiece supplier
1.  Ceramic bearing2.  Rear exhaust design to prevent postoperative emphysema3.  High-speed handpiece with light4.  Special handpiece for extraction of impacted teeth5. Opening cartridge6. High power with perfect head size to performance ratio.7. Anti-retraction function avoiding cross-infection.
Wholesale YAYIDA push button 5LED light ceramic bearing dental handpiece manufacturer with good price - YAYIDA
YAYIDA NEW 5 LEDs high-speed handpiece, shadowless handpiece.1.Shadowless dental high-speed handpiece2. Low noise design3. Powerful torque 4. Accurate spray5. High precision, high efficiency, high quality, high price
YAYIDA dental handpiece fiber optic push button led dental high speed handpiece/AYD-TLQM4
1.The perfect balance of each rotor guarantees a vibration-free running and manimum wear resistance.2.Ceramic bearings run quietly ,lightly,and without vibrations.The result is a significantly longer lifetime than steel bearings.3.The quad spray ensures safe work with optimum cooling of the preparation site.Specially developed nozzles provide for a clear view and a comfortable noise level during treatment.4.The surface ,which is treated with a high quality coating,ensures a high scratch resistance,a good grip and a prevention of corrosion.
High Quality YAYIDA push button single water ceramic bearing air turbine dental handpiece supplier Wholesale
1. Ceramic bearings2. Push-button type design, quickly change the bur3. Clean head system4. Economic type high-speed dental handpiece5.Using dust design ceramic bearing,more effective protection of bearing internal structure,low noise,better life.
YAYIDA triple water spray push button LED high speed handpiece compatible with KV 636 dental handpiece manufacturers
1.  High speed, with LED lights2.  Low noise3.  Anti-retraction design4.  Push-button type design, easy to load and unload, save time5. Pure stainless steel push-button head cap, using arc structure design for the press face, good for touch by the thumb when you press, increase the press area, easy to press and convenient loading and unloading dental burs.
Intro to YAYIDA push button single water 2 hole or 4 hole ceramic bearing dental handpiece manufacturer
1. Designed according to human grip engineering, feel comfortable and provide a safe gripping surface for the operator to operate.2. Compression, wear, and corrosion resistance3.2/4 hole selection to meet the docking needs of different dental handpiece tubes4. Ceramic bearings

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