Specialized in dental high speed and low speed handpiece.

Safety Dental chair AYD-M2
Safety Dental chair AYD-M2
German Grade High Quality Dental Products Suntem Secure Design Premium Safety Self Disinfection Dental ChairThe new sterilizable dental chair, air disinfection, water disinfection, oral cavity disinfection, doctors and patients are more at ease. Better protection for doctors and patients.
Low Speed Dental Handpiece AYD-WM4
Low Speed Dental Handpiece AYD-WM4
The dental low speed handpiece set including air motor , contra angle and straight handpiece.It is use to hold the rotary instruments such as burs, drills and files, and drive them to move to achieve dental operations such as cutting, grinding, milling and drilling. It’s suitable for professional healthcare facility environment as hospital, clinical or dental practices and laboratories.Dental handpieces and motors to help you perfect those critical finishing steps.
1:5 Increasing Contra Angle Handpiece AYD-L15-CA
1:5 Increasing Contra Angle Handpiece AYD-L15-CA
1. Fiber Optic LED light.2. Rotation speed 200,000RPM.3. Push button type angle. 4. Clean head system.5. More stalble and more faster during treatment.6. Germany GRW bearing and STH bearing for customer choose.
Dental Spring spindle
Dental Spring spindle
Dental spring spindle fo dental high speed handpiece 1.Special structure spindle, more safety, no bur fly;2.Initial chucking power more than 2KGS;3.Have different sizes for customer choose, such as 12.7mm, 13.95mm.
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YAYIDA company have one passionate team of sales and after-sale service. At the same time, supply one stop shopping.

The company insist on “Quality first, Service first”. Insist on imported raw materials, tools, fixtures and measuring, to try our best to make our products approach the best quality same products in the world.

Company implement production of ISO13485, insist on produce more international products. And we provide OEM/ODM service.

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    Strictly product quality controlling system.

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    Every project we work on is checked for quality assurance.

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YAYIDA dental company specialized in high speed and low speed dental handpiece, research and development new relative dental parts and products.

YAYIDA company have different models NomuRADS machine from Japan, can meet customer’s different precision machining services.For customer’s special products, we insist on no public and no sell to other customers, to be a trustable enterprise. 

We love life, and we love dental industry. We hope our dental products can make doctors and patients’ hope come true more easily----Make teeth healthy.


Company implement production of ISO13485, insist on produce more international products.

Dental LED high speed handpiece  AYD-SLCM4
Dental LED high speed handpiece AYD-SLCM4
Our friends come to visiting our factory, and want to make led high speed handpiece order and low speed handpiece order. They are happy with our dental handpiece and our service. We sure that it will be a long time corperation. Customer's satisfaction will become our motivation,we will keep improving the quality and service.
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