Foshan YAYIDA's major dental products are dental high speed and low-speed handpiece, dental unit, whitening unit, sterilizer, ultrasonic scaler, oilless air compressor, dental curing light unit, and so on. 

YAYIDA handpiece high speed push button cartridge compatible with K A V O 8000 handpiece rotor supplier
1. Open-type cartridge, high quality and durable2. Wear-resistant and durable, stable speed3. Compatible with  K A V O 80004. Standard head push-type cartridge5. Tested by dynamic balance6. Ceramic bearing
1:1 Fiber Optic Contra Angle Handpiece AYD-L11-CA
1. The overall body with stainless steel lining and shell, anti-wear,Not oxidized.2. Internal circulation cooling system, configuration military grade light guide fiber, people Physical surface.3. Adaptation NSK low speed waterway B2 / M4 air motor, fiber hand Machine Adaptation NSK-NLX nano (120V / 230V) electric motor.
Safety Dental chair AYD-M2
German Grade High Quality Dental Products Suntem Secure Design Premium Safety Self Disinfection Dental ChairThe new sterilizable dental chair, air disinfection, water disinfection, oral cavity disinfection, doctors and patients are more at ease. Better protection for doctors and patients.
Dental Spring spindle
Dental spring spindle fo dental high speed handpiece 1.Special structure spindle, more safety, no bur fly;2.Initial chucking power more than 2KGS;3.Have different sizes for customer choose, such as 12.7mm, 13.95mm.
YAYIDA dental handpiece ceramic bearing cartridge compatible with W H Synea TA-98 handpiece rotor supplier
1. Open-type cartridge, high quality and durable2. Wear-resistant and durable, stable speed3. Compatible with  W H Synea TA-984. Push button cartridge5. Tested by dynamic balance6. Ceramic bearing7. Ceramic bearings run quietly ,lightly,and without vibrations.The result is a significantly longer lifetime than steel bearings.
Low Speed Dental Handpiece AYD-WM4
The dental low speed handpiece set including air motor , contra angle and straight handpiece.It is use to hold the rotary instruments such as burs, drills and files, and drive them to move to achieve dental operations such as cutting, grinding, milling and drilling. It’s suitable for professional healthcare facility environment as hospital, clinical or dental practices and laboratories.Dental handpieces and motors to help you perfect those critical finishing steps.
YAYIDA Wireless Endodontic Endo Heated Product Dental Gutta Percha Cutter with 4 dental tip
1. Humanized design, comfortable grip, simple operation, and high efficiency2. Charging design, cutting more than 200 times with one charge.3. Equipped with four different specifications of cutting head, to meet different types of gum tip4. The Gutta Cutter is easy to operate and suitable for doctors and technicians. It is an ideal replacement product for moderndentistry and technicians. It will create good economic and social benefits for you.
Customized YAYIDA LED Generator Handpiece  AYD-SLCM4 dental handpiece manufacturers From China
YAYIDA Customized YAYIDA LED Generator Handpiece  AYD-SLCM4 dental handpiece manufacturer manufacturers From China,24/7 ServiceSufficient LED light, Long service LifeUniversal to the global dental chair, self-illumination without circuit. Perfect stable and reliable perfamousProfessional LED Light source, Superior Brightness, Longevity 10,000 hours unique Electric generator, just a little air can generate sufficient power
YAYIDA Wireless 360 degree rotation angle 1 second 80 degree led curing light
1.Multiple appearances ,wireless operation2. Suitable for various curing requirements. Complete curing as you want.3. High-precision safely base 4. High-power led cold light:strong, gradually strong, flashing5. Digital display tube.Body matte texture
YAYIDA Dental push button 4:1 fiber optic contra angle titanium plating international standard E-type interface
1.The contra-angles working speed will not decrease in case of resistance and it will still maintain a stable speed for work.2.Internal water spray and anti-overheating protection system are equipped.3.Anti-skid design is adopted for the body pattern.
YAYIDA Dental Chair Spare Parts Accessories Vacuum Pump Suction Place Selection Electric control Valve
Dental Unit Spare Parts Pneumatic Control Valve Selection Valve for Dental Chair Basic Tool Instrument ProductDental Place Position Selection Valve Selecting Valve for Dental Chair Spare Parts Connect With 18mm/20mm/25mm electronically controlled position selection valve
YAYIDA Brushless Fiber Optic Contra Angle 1:1 16:1 1:5 Dental LED Electric Micro Motor
YAYIDA Brushless Fiber Optic Contra Angle 1:1 16:1 1:5 Dental LED Electric Micro Motor1. contra angle option: 1:1, 1:5, 16:1:Depending on the application, the speed can be adjusted from 100 to 200,000 rpm with different dental handpieces!2. Digital speed display3. Convenient control settings

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