YAYIDA Dental Medical Company specialized in high speed and low speed dental handpiece and parts production.

Dental Handpiece

YAYIDA Dental mini head push button single water spray high speed handpiece for children.AYD-MUAM4
描述:1. High Quality Ceramic bearing ,Smooth rotation,low noise and Long Life Span.3. Mini head,Easy to operate,High cutting force.2.Can be  134 ℃  autoclaved .3.Mini head provides more flexible operation4.Equipped with professional short shank diamond burs for children’s teeth5.8.9mm extraordinary miniature head leaves much more flexible and bigger operational space in children’s oral cavity.6. Modern streamlining designation,with elegant and attractive appearance.7.Durable.fastidiously request for designation,technology and materials.8. Comfortable handle.slide-proof,comfortable to hold and easy to clean.9. Easy changing cartridge
YAYIDA Dental Internal water spray low speed handpiece AYD-NM4
YAYIDA Dental internal water spray low speed handpiece1. Internal Spray, separated water and air supply tubing, better cooling system. Simple to operate, fast to connect.2. Long lifespan by the ceramic ball bearing and self-lubricated system on the air motor, low-maintenance.3. Outstanding appearance, ergonomic shape.4. Dust-free cap on the head of straight handpiece, hygiene-friendly. 5. Forward / reverse drive.6. One set: Straight handpiece, Air motor, Contra angle
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视频 2021-02-24 16:33:22.The product has a convenient and secure ventilation opening design which enables it to be inflated and deflated in an easy way.
YAYIDA Dental colorful push button triple spray Led high speed handpiece with clean head system. AYD-TLCM4-12
1.5 color for choose(Golden,Purple,Blue,Pink,Black)2.Comfortable handle, slide-proof, easy to clean.3.Dental handpiece bur would be easily changed with the push-button chuck.4.Offering a better eyeshot and angle, improving your efficiency.5.Autoclavable. Suitable for disinfection of high-temperature steam at 134 degrees , conform to modern clinical requirement.
YAYIDA Dental LED handpiece enables true-color, anti glare and uniform lighting of the entire mouth/Triple spray coolant push button handpiece.AYD-TLCM4
1. Opening cartridge,2. Push button chuck system, easy to change the bur.3. High power with perfect head size to performance ratio.4. Anti-retraction function avoiding cross-infection.5. 3 water spray, better atomication.6. 2hole/ 4hole available, universal to global dental unit.7. Ceramic bearing.8. Built-in generator, LED light source, nature light.
Low Speed Dental Handpiece AYD-WM4
The dental low speed handpiece set including air motor , contra angle and straight handpiece.It is use to hold the rotary instruments such as burs, drills and files, and drive them to move to achieve dental operations such as cutting, grinding, milling and drilling. It’s suitable for professional healthcare facility environment as hospital, clinical or dental practices and laboratories.Dental handpieces and motors to help you perfect those critical finishing steps.
YAYIDA Dental colorful push button triple spray Led high speed handpiece with clean head system. AYD-TLCM4-12
1.Handpieces now use LED systems. Advantages of LEDs include a longer working life, more intense light and minimal heat production.2.These specially-designed lights allow you to clearly observe the components of the patient's mouth, do not infringe upon bonding processes, and offer the highest level of comfort for patients.3.Delivery Time :Usually 2--5 days Fast Delivery by DHL, FedEx 
YAYIDA Dental push button handpiece with four-point cooling head and fiber optic illumination for therapeutic and orthopedic work. AYD-TLQM4
1.The perfect balance of each rotor guarantees a vibration-free running and manimum wear resistance.2.Ceramic bearings run quietly ,lightly,and without vibrations.The result is a significantly longer lifetime than steel bearings.3.The quad spray ensures safe work with optimum cooling of the preparation site.Specially developed nozzles provide for a clear view and a comfortable noise level during treatment.4.The surface ,which is treated with a high quality coating,ensures a high scratch resistance,a good grip and a prevention of corrosion.
YAYIDA Dental 45 degree LED high speed dental E-generator handpiece made of chromed aluminum lightness of handpiece. AYD-SLDM4
1.45°angle design, more suitable for deep operation, handpiece head small, when operation reduce the line of sight block. 2.In addition, with the built in generator to power your LED light it provides the all-in-one hand piece for your surgical procedures.3.Increase the visual field of the Surgeon dentist and facilitate achievement in areas of difficult access.
YAYIDA Dental electric fiber optic contra angle handpiece series
Electric fiber optic contra angle handpiece work with electric motor system.Now the electric fiber optic contra angle handpiece has model :1:5 red ring contra angle AYD-L15-CA,1:1 blue ring contra angle AYD-L11-CA, green ring contra angel 4:1 AYD-L41-CA and 20:1 AYD-201L-CA
YAYIDA 5 LEDs Shadowless E-generator high speed handpiece. AYD-SLEM4
1.YAYIDA NEW 5 LEDs high speed handpiece, shadowless handpiece.2.You do not need a fiber optic source or any special kind of wiring or attachment for this handpiece. Just connect it to your handpiece hose, step on the pedal, and the light comes on automatically. There is a very small electric generator built inside the turbine which powers the LED light. The handpiece is very light, powerful, and quiet.
YAYIDA Dental External water spray contra angle handpiece AYD-011-CA视频 2021-02-02 9:56:12
1.Comoatible with NSK EX-203 Style External Water Spray Latch Type Low Speed Handpiece Set, Self-lubricated Function of Air Motor, with Ball Bearing.2.The low speed handpiece set includes 1 pc air motor, 1 pc straight handpiece and 1 pc contra angle.
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