Dental Handpiece

In the production of our dental handpiece, we place the highest emphasis on precision and have established the strictest quality standard.

Intelligent features for your comfort:

-Plasmatic surface-more grip

-Exchangeable water filter for a consistently good spray

-Passive pressure control ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 bar

YAYIDA Dental electric fiber optic contra angle handpiece series
Electric fiber optic contra angle handpiece work with electric motor system.Now the electric fiber optic contra angle handpiece has model :1:5 red ring contra angle AYD-L15-CA,1:1 blue ring contra angle AYD-L11-CA, green ring contra angel 4:1 AYD-L41-CA and 20:1 AYD-201L-CA
YAYIDA Dental 45 degree LED high speed dental E-generator handpiece made of chromed aluminum lightness of handpiece. AYD-SLDM4
1.45°angle design, more suitable for deep operation, handpiece head small, when operation reduce the line of sight block. 2.In addition, with the built in generator to power your LED light it provides the all-in-one hand piece for your surgical procedures.3.Increase the visual field of the Surgeon dentist and facilitate achievement in areas of difficult access.
1:1 Fiber Optic Contra Angle Handpiece AYD-L11-CA
1. The overall body with stainless steel lining and shell, anti-wear,Not oxidized.2. Internal circulation cooling system, configuration military grade light guide fiber, people Physical surface.3. Adaptation NSK low speed waterway B2 / M4 air motor, fiber hand Machine Adaptation NSK-NLX nano (120V / 230V) electric motor.
YAYIDA 45 degree Dental low speed 1:4.2 fiber optic contra angle compatible pieza de mano Ti-Max X45L
  45-degree contra-angle can provide effortless access to hard-to-reach molars that a standard contra-angle simply can’t match. The slim body also offers excellent visibility and high operability, creating more space between adjacent teeth and the handpiece body.    45-degree contra-angle powerful and consistent cutting shortens treatment time for time-consuming sectioning and third-molar extractions compared to standard contra-angles, dramatically reducing stress for both clinicians and patients.
Best YAYIDA triple water spray ceramic bearing push button dental handpiece manufacturer Supplier
1. Anti-infection high-speed dental handpiece2. Wide operating field of view3. High cutting efficiency4. Anti-slip patten5. International Standard interface6.Head cap thread come with high temperature resistance o-ring,it's good for avoid the dirty,better extend of service life.
YAYIDA 5 LEDs Shadowless E-generator high speed handpiece. AYD-SLEM4
1.YAYIDA NEW 5 LEDs high speed handpiece, shadowless handpiece.2.You do not need a fiber optic source or any special kind of wiring or attachment for this handpiece. Just connect it to your handpiece hose, step on the pedal, and the light comes on automatically. There is a very small electric generator built inside the turbine which powers the LED light. The handpiece is very light, powerful, and quiet.
YAYIDA Ring Shadowless LED High Speed Dental Handpiece
*The parts can be disassembled for convenience *Shadowless dental handpiece anti skid design. *Dental burs would be easily changed with the push button and shadowless dental handpiece have 5 points spray,perfect cooling treatment.*The connectors for dental handpiece are available in 4-hole and 2-hole options
YAYIDA Dental High Speed LED Push Button Handpiece Caries Detection Handpiece With Generator
1. High speed, with LED lights2. Low noise3. Caries detection,handpiece with generator4. Push-button type design, easy to load and unload, save time5. Ergonomic design, creating a beautiful apperance with non-slip design
YAYIDA fiber optic LED push button dental handpiece with quick coupling dental handpiece manufacturer
1. Quattro cooling atomization, water and gas separation2. Hygienic head, anti-retraction system3. Using ceramic bearings, resistant to high-temperature disinfection at 134 degrees4. Frosting pattern, non-slip design
1:5 Increasing Contra Angle Handpiece AYD-L15-CA
1. Fiber Optic LED light.2. Rotation speed 200,000RPM.3. Push button type angle. 4. Clean head system.5. More stalble and more faster during treatment.6. Germany GRW bearing and STH bearing for customer choose.
Surgical 20 to 1 Contra angle for implant
YAYIDA 20:1 CONTRA ANGLE IMPLANT HANDPIECE 20:1 Dedicated professional contra-angle implant dental handpiece with stable quality and matched with the motor that meets ISO standards, providing convenience for doctors treatment. Electric fiber optic 20:1 implant contra angle handpiece AYD-201L-CA.Normal implant contra angle handpiece AYD-201N-CA.Reduce 20:1 contra angle handpiece AYD-201-CA for treatment.
YAYIDA 1:1 16:1 1:5 Portable dental Lab Electric Clinic Brushless Electric MicroMotor with dentist units contra angle sl
1. Sensor operation easier: Automatically lock panel, lest misoperation2. Operated manually control counterclockwise transform clockwise.3. Can be connected to the dental chair, dental chairs control the working condition of the product by pressure switch.4. The speed and motor speed ratio of work can be adjusted to adapt to different dental handpieces work.5. Using touch keys.6. Electric micromotor system(brushless)7. The New-Gen of technology micromotor8. Advantages: perfect balance, ultra-light, mini size Fatigue free after long time use, powerful functions, with LED illumination

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