Dental Handpiece

In the production of our dental handpiece, we place the highest emphasis on precision and have established the strictest quality standard.

Intelligent features for your comfort:

-Plasmatic surface-more grip

-Exchangeable water filter for a consistently good spray

-Passive pressure control ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 bar

Wholesale YAYIDA push button 5LED light ceramic bearing dental handpiece manufacturer with good price - YAYIDA
YAYIDA NEW 5 LEDs high-speed handpiece, shadowless handpiece.1.Shadowless dental high-speed handpiece2. Low noise design3. Powerful torque 4. Accurate spray5. High precision, high efficiency, high quality, high price
YAYIDA Shadowless Push Button Air Turbine Ceramic bearing Dental High Speed Handpiece With 5 LED Light .AYD-SLEM4
1. Circular LED light is adopted for all-around illumination of the oral cavity without corners.2. Five-port water spray enables better atomization and all-round cooling of the burs and cutting surface.3. The body will adopt an anti-skid design and the safe hand grip prevent sliding4. Clean head anti-retraction design avoid cross-infection
YAYIDA 1:1 16:1 1:5 Portable dental Lab Electric Clinic Brushless Electric MicroMotor with dentist units contra angle sl
1. Sensor operation easier: Automatically lock panel, lest misoperation2. Operated manually control counterclockwise transform clockwise.3. Can be connected to the dental chair, dental chairs control the working condition of the product by pressure switch.4. The speed and motor speed ratio of work can be adjusted to adapt to different dental handpieces work.5. Using touch keys.6. Electric micromotor system(brushless)7. The New-Gen of technology micromotor8. Advantages: perfect balance, ultra-light, mini size Fatigue free after long time use, powerful functions, with LED illumination
YAYIDA Dental saw handpiece Oral surgery dental handpiece saw blade cutting bone
1、Saw handpieces for cutting and separating bone substances mechanically in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery .2、3 models:    1)Left and right reciprocation saw blade    2)Back and forth reciprocation saw blade    3)Up and down reciprocation saw blade
Low Speed Dental Handpiece AYD-WM4
The dental low speed handpiece set including air motor , contra angle and straight handpiece.It is use to hold the rotary instruments such as burs, drills and files, and drive them to move to achieve dental operations such as cutting, grinding, milling and drilling. It’s suitable for professional healthcare facility environment as hospital, clinical or dental practices and laboratories.Dental handpieces and motors to help you perfect those critical finishing steps.
YAYIDA dental handpiece fiber optic push button led dental high speed handpiece/AYD-TLQM4
1.The perfect balance of each rotor guarantees a vibration-free running and manimum wear resistance.2.Ceramic bearings run quietly ,lightly,and without vibrations.The result is a significantly longer lifetime than steel bearings.3.The quad spray ensures safe work with optimum cooling of the preparation site.Specially developed nozzles provide for a clear view and a comfortable noise level during treatment.4.The surface ,which is treated with a high quality coating,ensures a high scratch resistance,a good grip and a prevention of corrosion.
High Quality YAYIDA push button single water ceramic bearing air turbine dental handpiece supplier Wholesale
1. Ceramic bearings2. Push-button type design, quickly change the bur3. Clean head system4. Economic type high-speed dental handpiece5.Using dust design ceramic bearing,more effective protection of bearing internal structure,low noise,better life.
1:5 Increasing Contra Angle Handpiece AYD-L15-CA
1. Fiber Optic LED light.2. Rotation speed 200,000RPM.3. Push button type angle. 4. Clean head system.5. More stalble and more faster during treatment.6. Germany GRW bearing and STH bearing for customer choose.
YAYIDA Ring Shadowless LED High Speed Dental Handpiece
*The parts can be disassembled for convenience *Shadowless dental handpiece anti skid design. *Dental burs would be easily changed with the push button and shadowless dental handpiece have 5 points spray,perfect cooling treatment.*The connectors for dental handpiece are available in 4-hole and 2-hole options
Customized YAYIDA LED Generator Handpiece  AYD-SLCM4 dental handpiece manufacturers From China
YAYIDA Customized YAYIDA LED Generator Handpiece  AYD-SLCM4 dental handpiece manufacturer manufacturers From China,24/7 ServiceSufficient LED light, Long service LifeUniversal to the global dental chair, self-illumination without circuit. Perfect stable and reliable perfamousProfessional LED Light source, Superior Brightness, Longevity 10,000 hours unique Electric generator, just a little air can generate sufficient power
YAYIDA 45 degree Dental low speed 1:4.2 fiber optic contra angle compatible pieza de mano Ti-Max X45L
  45-degree contra-angle can provide effortless access to hard-to-reach molars that a standard contra-angle simply can’t match. The slim body also offers excellent visibility and high operability, creating more space between adjacent teeth and the handpiece body.    45-degree contra-angle powerful and consistent cutting shortens treatment time for time-consuming sectioning and third-molar extractions compared to standard contra-angles, dramatically reducing stress for both clinicians and patients.
YAYIDA 45 Degree Surgical Dental Push Button Air Turbine High Speed Handpiece.AYD-SUDM4 dental hanpiece supplier
Anti retraction system can effectively prevent the handpiece from inhaling dust, blood, virus, and other impurities into the head under negative pressure when it stops working, so as to ensure the internal cleaning of the bearing and prolong the service life of the handpiece.

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