YAYIDA Dental Medical Company specialized in high speed and low speed dental handpiece and parts production.

Dental Handpiece Spare Parts

YAYIDA Dental high speed handpiece shaft of cartridge/Dental high speed handpiece spare part spindle
1.A spindle has two functions within the turbine. 2.The exterior of a spindle is the axle on which the bearings and impeller are pressed onto.3.The interior of a spindle grips the bur during handpiece use.  
Dental high speed handpiece cartridge
Dental cartridge for high speed handpiece. Use ceramic bearing and spring spindle. 1. Use spring spindle more safety;2. Use ceramic bearing more silent;3. Use wave gasket more smoothness;4. Different models cartridges for choose.
Dental Spring spindle
Dental spring spindle fo dental high speed handpiece 1.Special structure spindle, more safety, no bur fly;2.Initial chucking power more than 2KGS;3.Have different sizes for customer choose, such as 12.7mm, 13.95mm.
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