Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

   The dental ultrasonic scaler is composed of an electron circuit, waterway, and ultrasonic transducer.

   A powered device utilizing a vibrating ultrasonic tip to remove calculus and other accretions from tooth surfaces during dental cleaning periodontal therapy.

YAYIDA CE Approved dental lab equipment B5L LED Portable Electric Piezo Endo Dental Ultrasonic Scaler
1. Function: Scaling, Perio, Automatic frequency tracking, Large-scale power knob design2. Long life span silicone cable3. Sealed handpiece: Automatic frequency tracking work steadily4. LED color temperature: 3000K-3200K, warm white. The dentist is not easy to feel tired when operating.5. LED and light guide: Long lifespan
YAYIDA P9L alloy LED Portable Auto-water supply dentist cavitron dental piezo ultrasonic scaler with Water Bottle
1. Water supply system2. Convenient for liquid adding3. Widemouthed design4. Scaling/Endo5. Safe building power supply6. Automatic frequency tracking 7. With 3L aluminum alloy handpiece8. LED no cracking9. Can be autoclaved

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